Choosing the Right Mens Pants to Flatter your Build

Published: 26th March 2010
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Men come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are short, some tall. Some are skinny, some hefty. The list goes on and on. So, having a range of different cuts and styles in our dress pants is a good thing. Trying to figure out which is right for you?

Short -Because of your shorter height, you need to purchase a pair of pants with a short or low rise with no cuffs. You should choose a trim cut pant with a shorter inseam.

Short & thin - Short rise or low rise pants are excellent for you. You should choose a trim cut pant with a shorter inseam.
Short & heavy - Choose mens pants that are flat front, full cut and low rise. It is hard to find off-the-rack pants that will suit you, so you will most likely require alterations or custom pants to fit your needs.

Tall & Thin - Because of your tallness, you will look great in a trim cut or boot cut style. You can also wear different styles like flat front or pleated pants with or without cuffs. Because you are thin, standard rise pants should work for you. You need to buy a pair of pants with a longer leg length.

Big and Tall - If you have a full stomach, we advise flat front pants with a long rise, in a full cut. If you have a flatter stomach, then you can put on flat front or pleated pants. Either way, you will need a long rise. You also need to purchase pants with a long leg length.
Whether you are short, tall, slim, and portly or somewhere in between, there is a style of men's dress pants that is right for you. If you have a hard time finding store-bought pants that fit in a satisfying cut and style, find a good tailor and have them altered. Or, better yet, have your pants custom made.

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